How Does eco3spa Work?

How Does the Step 1 Hot Tub Cleaner Work?
eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is an environmentally friendly biofilm remover and surface cleaner. It is an advanced blend of surfactants and organic salts that effectively clean the internal workings of your hot tub and all exposed surfaces, removing biofilm, scale and body fats and leaving the pipework and equipment sparkling clean. Unlike most biofilm removers, eco3spa Step1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is non-corrosive and non-acidic, it will not damage your hot tub cover or equipment and it is safe to discard on garden plants and grass. eco3spa Step1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is added to the water in your hot tub prior to using eco3spa for the first time and then prior to draining your hot tub every 3 months. It cleans the parts of your hot tub that you can't reach, removing bacteria and bacterial food and so reduces the need for high levels of sanitiser. eco3spa Step1 - Hot Tub Cleaner must be used in warm water and it is particularly important that it is used in new hot tubs prior to first use.
How Does eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner Work?
eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner is is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic heart of the eco3spa system. It is made from natural coconut, minerals and plant extracts with natural enzymes and a proprietary formulation of non-foaming surfactants. The Water Conditioner not only enhances the quality of the water in your hot tub, it also stabilises the pH and reduces the demand placed on the sanitiser, enabling the Active Oxygen generated by the sanitising tablets to effectively and efficiently kill bacteria. The coconut extract has the additional benefit of being an excellent skin softener and hydrator. Every hot tub is different, but the problems with them are the same. Hot tubs provide an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to thrive.  If bather comfort, water cleanliness, and waste-management efficiency is important to you, eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner will provide the boost you need to accomplish that goal.
How Do the eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitising Tablets Work?
eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets contain a triple potassium salt which dissolves in water to produce Active Oxygen. They also contain proprietary additives to assist with algae removal, water clarification and cleansing. At the higher water temperature of hot tubs these tablets are at least as effective as chlorine at neutralizing harmful bacteria and oxidising organic waste - organic waste comprises substances such as body oils, sweat (yes you do sweat in a hot tub), dead skin, saliva, mucous, urine, faeces etc. As hard as you might try, you cannot avoid these contaminants getting into the water and it's very important to remove them or, over time, they will enable harmful pathogenic bacteria to grow and thrive. eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets do not contain any chlorine or bromine. Water treated with the tablets will not irritate your skin or eyes. It is non-toxic and safe to discard onto your garden plants or grass.
What does the coconut in eco3spa do?
Coconut fatty acid is natural, biodegradeable and is used in many soaps, bath products and household and industrial cleaning products. Coconut is a natural surfactant, cleansing agent and emulsifier. Coconut has a high level of lauric acid content, which makes it an ideal, natural skin conditioner. This is why bathers who use a hot tub with eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner in the water feel that their skin is soft and moisturised.
How does eco3spa kill dangerous bacteria?
Bacteria can be found in two states within a hot tub: planktonic (or free living bacteria) present in the water and sessile bacteria which adhere to the surfaces and form biofilms in the pipework, under the head rests and in the filter etc. eco3spa removes these bacteria from your hot tub in 3 ways: Firstly, the eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner removes biofilm and other organic contaminants from the hot tub’s plumbing system, jets and surfaces, removing the sessile bacteria and the bacteria breeding ground present in untreated hot tubs. Secondly, the eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner breaks down organic contaminants which would otherwise remain in the hot water creating more food for harmful bacteria to thrive on. Finally, the eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitising Tablets produce Active Oxygen in the water to safely deal with any harmful bacteria that do remain.
Why does eco3spa remove the need for frequent pH testing?
The eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-function Water Sanitiser Tablets have been shown in experimental testing to be an effective bactericide over the pH range 75.2 - 8.5. It is unusual for UK tap water to be outside pf this range (the legal requirement is for the pH of UK tap water to be between 6.5 and 9.5) and as long as your source water is within this range eco3spa will function effectively. This is in complete contrast to chlorine that will only effectively sanitise if the pH of the water is within a very narrow band between 7.4 and 7.6.
What are surfactants and how do they help with the water sanitising process?
Surfactants are compounds that separate other compounds at a molecular level. They are found in almost every household cleaning product. They are responsible, for example, for the grease-cutting power of washing-up liquid. Technically speaking, surfactants work by reducing molecular surface tension.  The surfactants in the Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner break down the ‘sticky’ layer of bio-film that grows and multiplies in all hot tub pipework, enabling it to be released into the water prior to draining down and re-filling. The surfactants in the Step 2 - Water Conditioner break down organic waste in the water and help to kill bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane. The surfactants in eco3spa are completely safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
How does eco3spa reduce filter cleaning?
The natural surfactants and enzymes in eco3spa and the Active Oxygen from the sanitiser tablets are constantly circulating through the entire hot tub pipework and filtration system. Together, they are constantly cleaning the inside of the pipes and filters. In hot tubs that use the traditional chlorine or bromine based water treatments, hot tub filters get clogged up and need frequent cleaning because biofilm, organic wastes and scale gets trapped in the filter pores.  However, the active ingredients in eco3spa products remove biofilm, break down the organic waste and eliminate scale, thus reducing the need for frequent filter cleaning and replacement.  We recommend that with normal hot tub use, filter cleaning need only be carried out every 4 to 6 weeks.  Obviously this will depend on the size of your filters compared to the volume of water in your hot tubs.  Inflatable spa filters will need to be cleaned much more frequently.
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