It's great for sensitive skin!

If you're not enjoying your hot tub because of itchy or sore skin then eco3spa is the product for you!

It's kind to our environment!

If you worry about the impact on the flora and fauna of discarding chlorinated water on to your garden then eco3spa is the product for you!

It's as effective as chlorine!

eco3spa has been independently tested to prove that it as effective as chlorine and more effective at high and low pH values.

removing biofilm from plumbing is an essential start

STEP 1 Hot Tub Cleaner

eco3spa Hot Tub Cleaner is a non-toxic plumbing cleaner that removes biofilm accumulation to maintain a safe and healthy hot tub plumbing system. It's non-corrosive and it will not damage your hot tub cover or any other equipment.

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eco3spa Hot Tub Water Conditioner

STEP 2 Water Conditioner

eco3spa Water Conditioner is a coconut based product which is added to your hot tub water monthly. In addition to helping to control the bacterial growth, it creates soft and silky water that actually hydrates your skin.

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eco3spa active oxygen hot tub sanitiser

STEP 3 Multifunction Sanitiser

eco3spa Sanitiser is added to the water before each hot tub use to produce powerful active oxygen that gently destroys any harmful bacteria and organic impurities in the water. Active oxygen is non-toxic and odour free.

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Chlorine is an effective hot tub sanitiser, but it's toxic, often smelly and not everyone can use it. Many people suffer from itchiness, rashes and other side-effects of using chlorine and many people worry about the impact it might be having on their and their children's health.

eco3spa is the culmination of our quest to find a less toxic and more pleasant way of sanitising our hot tubs that is still rigorously tested and safe to use.

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