Clean out the pipework so you start with a bacteria-free hot tub

eco3spa Hot Tub Cleaner is used before you switch to eco3spa and every 3 months thereafter to maintain a safe and healthy hot tub plumbing system. 

eco3spa Hot Tub Cleaner contains an advanced blend of non-toxic surfactants and organic salts that effectively clean the internal workings of your hot tub and all exposed surfaces, removing biofilm and body fats and leaving the pipework and equipment sparkling clean.

After using eco3spa Cleaner your hot tub will be cleaner, safer and require significantly less sanitiser to be used in the water to ensure the elimination of harmful bacteria. Unlike most spa flush products, eco3spa Hot Tub Cleaner is non-corrosive and it will not damage your hot tub cover or any other equipment.

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biofilm in hot tubs
eco3spa Hot Tub Water Conditioner

Condition the water to make it feel good and resistant to bacterial growth

eco3spa Water Conditioner is a coconut based product that is added to your hot tub water monthly.  The coconet creates soft and silky water that actually hydrates your skin, rather than drying it out, meaning that you are far less likely to suffer from any skin irritation caused by the drying effect of being immersed in water for long periods.

But there's more! In addition to hydrating your skin scientific research has shown that the eco3spa Water Conditioner actually aids the sanitation process by reducing the ability of any bacteria in the water to reproduce and grow.

And, if that's not enough, in addition to helping to control the bacterial growth and hydrating your skin, the Water Conditioner also works at breaking down proteins and promoting the rapid degradation of biological waste products introduced into the hot tub water from our bodies. 

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Use a sanitiser before each use to ensure the water is 100% safe

eco3spa Sanitiser is added to your hot tub water before each use to produce powerful Active Oxygen that gently destroys any harmful bacteria in the water. Active Oxygen has been used since the 1950s in many applications where non-toxic sanitation is cruicial, including the disinfection of drinking water; intra-operatively to prevent tissue infection and as a biocide in dental operations. In recent times Active Oxygen has been used extensively worldwide to fight Covid-19.

The Active Oxygen in eco3spa not only kills any bacteria that do grow in your hot tub water, it actively works to minimise biofilm formation in your hot tub pipework so making your tub much easier to keep clean and requiring much less sanitiser use.

Even better, the Active Oxygen also oxidises (neutralises) dissolved organic contaminants that unavoidably get into the water, such as from skin cells and perspiration.  This helps to reduce any food that bacteria can use to grow, so further minimising the amount of sanitiser needed.

Active Oxygen is a powerful sanitiser that is non-toxic and odour free.

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eco3spa active oxygen hot tub sanitiser

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