Bacteria in hot tubs

Bacteria in hot tub water can cause gut infections, diarrhoea, septicaemia, skin infections, urinary tract infections and respiratory infections.

Bacteria grow in hot tub water that is not properly sanitised.

Bacterial flourish in hot tubs
active oxygen hot tub sanitiser

eco3spa STEP 3 Sanitiser....

  • gently destroys harmful bacteria and organic impurities
  • will not irritate skin or eyes
  • no unpleasant smell or bleaching
  • will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment
  • keeps hot tub water clean and safe

What is eco3spa Step 3 - Sanitiser?

active oxygen hot tub sanitiser

eco3spa Step 3 Water Sanitiser is a rapidly dissolving product that dissolves in water to release a form of Oxygen called Active Oxygen. Active Oxygen is highly effective at killing bacteria and is used in a wide range of applications in the medical, food and water purification industries, for example, it is used for sanitising dentures and for water purification in developing countries.  

Active Oxygen is an effective bactericide over a very wide pH range, so there is no longer any need to keep testing your hot tub water and using complicated water balancers.

The eco3spa Step 3 Water Sanitiser works synergistically with eco3spa Step 2 Water Conditioner to keep your hot tub water clean and bacteria free.

Water that has been treated with eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser is biodegradable, environmentally safe and may be discarded onto garden plants.

How does eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser work?

Active Oxygen has well-known and well documented anti-microbial, fungicidal and viricidal effects. Active Oxygen has been used since the 1950s in many applications where non-toxic sanitation is vital, including the disinfection of drinking water; intra-operatively to prevent tissue infection and as a biocidal in dental operations. In recent times Active Oxygen has been used extensively worldwide to fight Covid-19, primarily because of because of it's non-toxic, and odourless properties.

The Active Oxygen in eco3spa not only kills any bacteria that do grow in your hot tub water, it actively works to minimise biofilm formation in your hot tub pipework so making your tub much easier to keep clean and requiring much less sanitiser use.

The Active Oxygen also oxidises (neutralises) dissolved organic contaminants that unavoidably get into the water, such as from skin cells and perspiration, keeping your water clear and removing bacterial food.

In scientific research the eco3spa Sanitiser has been shown to perform at least as well as chlorine at 3ppm and significantly better than chlorine outside of the very narrow pH band that chlorine users are constantly chasing with their constant water balancing.

Just add eco3spa Sanitiser to your hot tub water before each use.

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