eco3spa is safe for your family and our environment

Chlorine and bromine have always been the sanitisers of choice in hot tubs but these products are bad for us and for our environment.

Chlorine is known to pose many health hazards and when it gets into soil and water-courses it can be fatal to plant and animal species. 

A quick internet search will introduce you to some of the unpleasant things that chlorine can do to your body.

In contrast, all components of eco3spa are non-toxic in the concentrations recommended. Water treated with eco3spa is safe to discard onto your garden.

Even better, eco3spa is also odourless and is extremely unlikely to irritate your skin or eyes.

environmentally friendly hot tub water care
eco3spa has been thoroughly tested

eco3spa is as effective as chlorine

eco3spa contains no chlorine or bromine but in independent testing performed over 3 years at Swansea University it has been shown to be equally as effective.

At the pH range recommended for hot tub water eco3spa sanitiser has been shown to eradicate bacteria equally as well as chlorine and, after 60 minutes in the water, it even performed almost as well as the antibiotic Erythromycin.

eco3spa also prevents bacterial growth at a much wider range of pH values than chlorine (pH5.2 - pH8) and is much better at preventing biofilm formation.

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eco3spa is easy to use

Say goodbye to complicated water testing and balancing! eco3spa works equally well whatever the pH value of your water supply so there is no need to constantly test and adjust the pH balance of the water.

There are just 3 easy steps to using eco3spa:

STEP 1: Clean the pipework of biofilm before you start 

STEP 2: Refill and add the water conditioner (use this monthly)

STEP 3: Add the sanitiser granules or tablets when you first fill up and before every use.

It's that easy!

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environmentally friendly hot tub water care

eco3spa is affordable

At only £89.95 for a three month kit you can run your hot tub for less than £1 per day.

Your only other necessary consumable expenses would be filter cleaner and replacement filters (which, incidentally, you will probably find last much longer when using eco3spa).

You will also find that that your cover, headrests and any other plastic parts in your spa last much longer because they won't be being attacked by corrosive chlorine.

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