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Frequently Asked questions


  • What is eco3spa?

    The eco3spa system is a complete, non chlorine water treatment solution developed specifically for hot tubs and spas, rather than swimming pools.

    eco3spa comprises blends of non-toxic surfactants and several types of natural enzymes that rapidly start a natural oxidation process and the purification of your hot tub’s plumbing and water. 

    This purification process is further enhanced by the addition of  specially formulated, Multi-Function Active Oxygen tablets to kill any harmful bacteria remaining in the water.

    eco3spa also contains coconut extracts to soften the water and hydrate you skin. It is non-toxic and will not irritate your skin or eyes.

  • Who manufactures eco3spa?

    eco3spa is manufactured in the UK by Surespa Ltd. 

    The product is based on a patented enzyme purification technology developed in the USA by a leading manufacturer of innovative, biologically proven, eco-friendly cleaning products.


  • What is eco3spa Step 1 – Hot Tub Cleaner?

    eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is an environmentally friendly biofilm and remover and surface cleaner.  It is an advanced blend of surfactants and organic salts that effectively clean the internal workings of your hot tub and all exposed surfaces, removing biofilm and body fats and leaving the pipework and equipment sparkling clean.

    Unlike most biofilm removers, eco3spa Step1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is non-corrosive and non-acidic, it will not damage your hot tub cover or equipment and it is safe to discard on garden plants and grass.

    eco3spa Step1 - Hot Tub Cleaner is added to the water prior to draining your hot tub every 3 months to clean the parts that you can't reach and so reduce the need for high levels of sanitiser.

  • What is eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner?

    eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner is is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic heart of the eco3spa system. It is made from natural coconut, minerals and plant extracts with natural enzymes and a proprietary formulation of non-foaming surfactants.

    Enzymes not only add to the quality of the water in your hot tub, they also reduce the demand placed on the sanitiser, enabling it to do it's job, which is kill the nasty bacteria, more efficiently and at a much lower concentration.

    The coconut extract has the added benefit of being an excellent skin softener and hydrator.

    Every hot tub is different, but the problems with them are the same. Hot tubs provide an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to thrive.  If bather comfort, water cleanliness, and waste-management efficiency is important to you, eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner will provide the boost you need to accomplish that goal. As the best hot tub enzymes in the industry, they will make your hot tub water management amazingly simple and drastically reduce the time required to maintain your hot tub.

  • What are eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets? Why do I need to use them with eco3spa Water Conditioner?

    eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets are otherwise known as a triple potassium salt with active oxygen as a core component of their makeup.  They also contain other, proprietary additives to assist with water clarification and cleansing.

    At the higher water temperature of hot tubs these tablets are very effective at neutralizing harmful bacteria and oxisiding organic waste. Organic waste comprise subtances such as body oils, sweat (yes you do sweat in a hot tub), dead skin, saliva, mucous, urine, faeces etc.  As hard as you might try, you cannot avoid these items getting into the water and it's very important to remove them or, over time, they will cause harmful pathanogenic bacteria to grow and thrive.

    An added benefit of eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets is that they do not contain any chlorine or bromine. Water treated with the tablets is non-toxic and safe to discard onto your garden plants or grass.

  • Will eco3spa have any detrimental effect on my hot tub components, jets, pumps etc?

    No! In fact quite the opposite. 

    The naturally softer water with less minerals and heavy metals, combined with no chlorine or bromine and no acidic pipe cleaners, means that your hot tub's components will last longer.

  • How long has eco3spa been proven to work?

    The natural, enzyme based cleaning system that is at the heart of eco3spa has been sold worldwide for over 25 years.

    The eco3spa sanitising tablets have been used for the disinfection of drinking water since the 1950s.

  • What is the shelf-life of eco3spa?

    When kept in a dry, cool area such as a cupboard the ingredients in eco3spa will stay active for at least 3 years.


  • How do the eco3spa enzymes help keep the water clean and safe?

    Enzymes are proteins that are biological catalysts for chemical reactions. Their purpose is to start to accelerate reactions or oxidation between specific types of molecules. These reactions may not otherwise occur without enzymes.  After the reaction is complete, the enzyme moves on to find more components for the next reaction.  

    The natural enzymes in eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner have a huge appetite for the  carbon-based organic wastes found in hot tub water: body oils, sweat (yes you do sweat in a hot tub), dead skin, saliva, mucous, urine, faeces, sunscreen, etc.  These waste products are unfilterable because they are small enough to pass through the pores of a hot tub filter and so need to be removed by some other means.  Traditionally, they have been removed using a chemical shock, but with eco3spa a chemical shock is no-longer required.

    Enzymes do not deal with the nasty, pathogenic bacteria  (such as E.Coli, Legionella & Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) that can build up in a hot tub’s water and grow within the bio-film build-up found in the pipework.  During everyday use of the hot tub with eco3spa these bacteria are minimised through bio-film removal with Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner.  Any that do creep in are dealt with by the sanitizing power of the eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets.

  • What are surfactants and how do they help with the water sanitation process?

    Surfactants are compounds that separate other compounds at a molecular level. They are found in almost every household cleaning product. They are responsible, for example, for the grease-cutting power of washing-up liquid. Technically speaking, surfactants work by reducing molecular surface tension. 

    The surfactants in Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and Step 2 - Water Conditioner are completely safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

    The surfactants in the Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner break down the ‘sticky’ layer of bio-film that exists in all hot tub pipework enabling it to be released into the water prior to draining down and re-filling.


  • What does the coconut in eco3spa do?

    Coconut fatty acid is natural, biodegradeable and is used in many soaps, bath products and household and industrial cleaning products.

    Coconut is a nutural surfactant, cleansing agent and emulsifier.

    Coconut has a high level of lauric acid content, which makes it an ideal, natural skin conditioner. This why bathers who use a hot tub with eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner in the water feel that their skin is soft and moisturized.

  • How does eco3spa kill bacteria?

    eco3spa removes bacteria from your hot tub in 3 ways:

    1. The eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner removes biofilm and other organic contaminants from the hot tub’s plumbing system, jets and surfaces, removing the bacteria breeding ground present in untreated hot tubs.
    2. The eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner enzymes break down organic contaminants which would otherwise breakdown in the hot water creating more bacteria food for harmful pathanogenic bacteria to grow and thrive on.
    3. Finally, the eco3spa - Step 3 Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets with Active Oxygen (ozone) safely deal with any harmful bacteria that do mange to slip through the net.

  • How does eco3spa reduce filter cleaning?

    The natural enzymes in eco3spa and the active oxygen from the sanitiser tablets are constantly circulating through the entire hot tub pipework and filtration system. Together, they are constantly cleaning the inside of the pipes and filters.

    Hot tub filters get clogged up and need cleaning because both organic wastes and scale gets trapped in the pores.

    The active ingredients in eco3spa products break down the organic waste and eliminate scale, thus reducing the need for frequent filter cleaning and replacement.


  • How to use Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner

    The first simple step in the process is to use Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner to remove biofilm and body fats from the pipework and all surfaces of your hot tub. If you are starting with a brand new spa then there will be biofilm growing in the pipework from when the tub was wet-tested in the factory. Similarly, if your hot tub has been left empty it will have been damp, so you still need to complete this step.

    1. Ensure the tub is full of water to 50mm above all jets and air vents. Open all air inlet valves and centralise any diverter valves.
    2. Remove any fitted head rests and remove the filter(s) from their housing.
    3. Tip the bottle of eco3spa Step 1 -  Hot Tub Cleaner into the water, reserving a small amount of the product to clean the shell of the hot tub and head rests after the flushing process.
    4. Turn on all jet pumps and air blower, if fitted, and run for at least 60 minutes. It is normal for foaming to occur and dark coloured biofilm particulates to be seen.
    5. Allow the water to stand for at least 30 minutes and then turn on all jet pumps and air blower, if fitted, and run again for a further 30 minutes.
    6. Drain the hot tub. The drained water is safe to empty onto grass or plants.
    7. As the water drains down, wipe away any visible residue left on the acrylic shell and rinse the surfaces with fresh water. Wipe away any stubborn scum marks by sparingly using a small amount of the reserved cleaner on a soft, clean cloth.
    8. Rinse away the cleaner thoroughly or foaming may occur when the tub is refilled.
    9. When the tub is completely drained, refill with clean water and clean and replace the filter(s) and head rests.

  • How to Use Step 2 - Water Conditioner

    Use eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner immediately after cleaning your hot tub with eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and filling with fresh water.

    1. Turn on all air and water pumps and add 300ml of eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner (for spas up to 2,000 litres). Use in conjunction with eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets as described below.
    2. Add a further 300ml after one month and the final 300ml one month later.
    3. After 3 months clean the hot tub with eco3Spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and start the process again.

  • How to Use Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets

    Use the tablets immediately after adding eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner and before each hot tub use.

    1. After cleaning and conditioning the water add 2 eco3spa Step 3 - Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets.  It is preferable to use a floating dispenser to dose the tablets, but if you add the tablets directly to the water add them to the skimmer basket and ensure that they have fully dissolved before using the hot tub.
    2. Prior to each hot tub use add an additional tablet to the water.
    3. If you haven't been using your spa you just need to ensure that you add at least 2 tablets each week.
    4. If the water ever becomes dull or foamy add an extra tablet daily until the problem subsides.

  • Do I have to measure the pH value of the water when using eco3spa ?

    No, eco3spa does not change the pH value of water, in fact it stabilises it, and it also works with the pH value of all common source/tap water.

  • Can I use my existing filters with eco3spa?

    If your filters are under a year old and have been regularly cleaned then you can re-use them with eco3spa. 

    You should clean them first with a good quality filter cleaning product (we will have one available soon, but there are many available) before starting your hot tub on eco3spa.

  • How often do I need to clean my filters if I’m using eco3spa?

    Using eco3spa means that your filters will need cleaning less frequently than if you were using a chlorine or bromine only sanitiser.

    eco3spa’s enzymes break organic waste down, which means that it doesn't clog filters at anywhere near the rate that you will get with other water treatment products. 

    With normal hot tub use, we recommend that the filters need cleaning once every 4 to 6 weeks. 

    This means that your filters will probably last twice as long before needing to be replaced.

  • Can I add aromatherapy products to the hot tub with eco3spa ?

    Aromatherapy products can be used if they are made from natural materials and without emulsifiers and preservatives.

    The Surespa range of aromatherapy crystals are ideal to work with eco3spa as they are made from natural Dead Sea salt crystals and will not affect the organic and inorganic bacteria dealing ‘properties’ of eco3spa.

    Do not use liquid frangrance products.

  • My hot tub already has chlorine or bromine as its sanitiser. Can I use eco3spa straight away?

    eco3spa is completely non-chlorine based and should not be used with chlorine or bromine sanitiser. 

    If you have been using chlorine or bromine there is likely to be a build-up of biofilm in your hot tub plumbing system, which needs to be removed with eco3spa Step 1 – Hot Tub Cleaner.

    To start using eco3spa simply add the Step 1 – Hot Tub Cleaner to your existing water to remove the bio-film, drain it and refill with fresh water.  Then just add the Step 2 – Water Conditioner and Step 3 – Multi-Function Water Sanitiser Tablets and off you go!

  • Do I need an ozonator or UV system for eco3spa to function ?

    No!. Although an ozonator or UV system is a very good way of helping disinfect the water, you don´t need either of these for eco3spa to work efficiently. 

    Many ozonator and UV systems fitted to hot tubs become ineffective after a year or so and need to be replaced in order to provide continuous ozonation. The eco3spa system is powerful enough to keep the water clean without the assistance of other disinfectants so there is no need to replace your ozonator chip or UV bulb, but, of course, you can do so if you wish.

  • Why do I have to drain my hot tub and refill it every 3 months?

    To understand why you need to change the water it is important, first of all, to understand what is happening to the water in a hot tub.

    The very act of you getting into the hot turbulent water in your hot tub contaminates the water. Over time the amount of bather waste builds up, in what is a very small volume of water. These wastes contain solids that accumulate and result is an increase in the  Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water.

    The hot water also evaporates over time , but only the water itself is removed by evaporation, not the solids it contains, so topping up with fresh water doesn't help the TDS situation.

    Over time the solids accumulate and reach unacceptable levels much faster than in the cooler, larger bodies of water found in swimming pools.  As the TDS increases the water becomes cloudy or hazy and foaming can occur. 

    Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the TDS level is to drain the water and replace it with fresh water.  This draining process presents the perfect opportunity to apply the eco3spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner to give the pipework a thorough cleaning and remove any lurking biofilm, keeping your hot tub clean and safe.


  • Is there any evidence of what might chlorine do to my body?

    Yes, lots!  For example, the United States Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) has published (Nov 2010 Cas#: 7782-50-5) that the following effects have been observed in humans briefly exposed to chlorine:

    1. mild nose irritation at 1-3 ppm
    2. eye irritation at 5 ppm
    3. throat irritation at 5-15 ppm
    4. immediate chest pain, vomiting, changes in breathing rate, and cough at 30 ppm
    5. lung injury (toxic pneumonitis) and pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) at 40-60 ppm
    6. death after 30 minute exposure to 430 ppm
    7. death after a few minutes exposure to 1,000 ppm

    The concentrations listed above are approximate; the effects will depend also on exposure duration. In general, people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as allergies or hay fever, or who are heavy smokers, tend to experience more severe effects than healthy subjects or nonsmokers.

    Manufacturers of hot tub chlorine recommend 5ppm of chlorine in your hot tub during daily use and significantly higher levels for regular shocking. There is overwhelming evidence that these levels of chlorine exposure are harmful to your body.

  • Why shouldn't I use chlorine in my hot tub?

    Chlorine is considered to be the cheapest form of santizer for your hot tub water but did you know that it is probably the worst choice you can make. It's the most difficult and time-consuming sanitizer to use and is not well suited to hot tubs.

    Just take a look at these FOUR reasons why you should look for an alternative to chlorine...

    1. It's complicated and time consuming!

    Adding chlorine to spa water is not straightforward. You need to get the Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness levels (otherwise known as 'balancing') in your water just right and always before you add any chlorine product, otherwise the chlorine becomes ineffective and won't sanitize! Just the process of adding chlorine granules or tablets to the water has a tendency to alter the pH value still further so you need to constantly keep testing and adjusting the water's balance. It can be a never ending loop!

    Chlorine added to 'unbalanced' water will create chloramines that do nothing to clean your hot tub's water and will just leave a 'bleach' like smell above the water's surface.  

    2. It's not always good for your body!

    Exposure to chlorine compounds and their byproducts often result in allergic reactions and skin irritation. When such substances combine with organic matter like urine, sweat, etc. it leads to the development of dichloramines, monochloramines, and trichloramine, which are strong irritants. Some of the symptoms that can be caused by chlorine exposure include:

    1. Dry and itchy skin. The resultant case of chlorine rash may elicit peeling of the skin.
    2. Coughing and sneezing.
    3. Nausea, vomiting and pain in the abdomen.
    4. Short term problems in breathing and pain in the chest.

    3. It can ruin your bathing costumes, plastic hot tub jets and pillows!

    Bathing costumes used in hot tub water at its normal operating temperature, combined with a chlorine sanitiser will suffer from high levels of colour fade as well as losing their elasticity.

    Chlorinated water produces hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids. The latter is a component found in household bleach which, if spilt on your clothes will cause permanent damage.

    4. It's not good for your eyes!

    In a hot tub, the pH value of the water is the major factor in eye irritation. A well maintained tub will keep the pH balance as close to 7.4 - 7.6 as it can ie as close to matching your body's natural pH balance as possible.

    The addition of chlorine will lower the pH of the water and and cause it to irritate your eyes.

    In any hot tub, the chlorine does not always oxidize the organic matter in the water completely. This residue consists of a whole range of organic compounds, including Ammonia, which can cause further eye and skin irritation.

  • What are the benefits of eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets over using chlorine?

    Chlorine eco3spa Step 3 - Water SanitiserTablets
    Chlorine commonly causes skin irritation due to halogen amines No halogen amines and no skin irritation
    Chlorine produces potentially carcinogenic trihalomethanes No carcinogenic affect known
    Chlorine has an unpleasant smell eco3spa sanitiser tablets only occasionally produce a fresh, clean Ozone smell
    Chlorine is only effective over a very small pH range, requiring constant water balancing eco3spa sanitiser tablets are unaffected by normal water pH
    Chlorine tablets are highly acidic, resulting in corrosion and damage to plastic parts eco3spa sanitiser tablets are pH neutral
    Chlorine bleaches swimwear, pillows, cushions, covers and other surfaces eco3spa sanitiser tablets do not bleach at the concentration used