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About eco3spa

eco3spa is manufactured by SureSpa Ltd, a leading independent company supplying hot tub chemicals and accessories throughout the UK and EU.

Our latest hot tub water treatment technology, eco3spa, comes from the heart.  We are passionate about the environment and believe that hot tub owners should be able to use their hot tub in an environmentally friendly way and not have to resort harsh and environment unfriendly chemicals and bleaches such as Chlorine or Bromine. Our water treatment technology provides safe, clean and clear water without the hassle, worry and smells associated with these traditional sanitisers.

We have been manufacturing and distributing hot tub chemicals and accessories for over fourteen years and over that time we have seen an increasing need for gentler and kinder water treatments for hot tubs, which are very different to swimming pools.

Hot tubs operate at a much higher temperature than swimming pools and have a much smaller volume of water for harmful bacteria to grow and thrive in.  If that is the case, then why shouldn’t a dedicated hot tub water treatment product be specifically developed that is kind to the environment and deals with hot tub bacteria effectively? A treatment that provides the bather with water they love to be in.  Well now there is such a product and it’s called eco3spa!

eco3spa is based on a proven and patented formulation of enzyme and surfactant technologies developed by a long-established U.S based water treatment company and which have been in use for over 20 years with excellent results. Now it's available for use in hot tubs in Europe.

To answer typical questions about eco3spa, how it works and how to use it in your hot tub, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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