eco3spa Step 2 Water Conditioner

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eco3spa Water Conditioner naturally helps to solve most spa water quality problems.

Softens water and hydrates the skin, eliminating itching and rashes when used as part of the complete eco3spa system.

Made from natural coconut, minerals and plant extracts with natural enzymes.

Use eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner immediately after cleaning and filling your hot tub and monthly thereafter.

  1. Turn on all air and water pumps and add 300ml of Step 2 - Water Conditioner (for spas up to 2,000 litres).
  2. Use in conjunction with eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Tablets or with an alternative sanitiser as desired.
  3. Add a further 300ml after one month and the final 300ml one month later.
  4. After 3 months clean and drain the hot tub with eco3Spa Step 1 - Hot Tub Cleaner and start the process again.
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