eco3spa REVIVE Filter Cleaner

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eco3spa Revive is sachet of environmentally friendly and bleach-free powdered hot tub filter cleaner that effectively removes biofilm, oils, grease and scale from hot tub filters.


Supplied as 1 x 60g sachet.

For effective deep-cleaning of your hot tub filter(s), we recommend using Revive in a clean and empty dishwasher.

Add a full sachet of Revive to the dispenser and any remainder around the filter(s) and into the pleats. Place the filter(s) in an empty, clean dishwasher and run a high temperature wash cycle.  If you have a 'pots & pans' cleaning syscle then so much the better.

Revive can also be used by dissolving the powder in a bucket (up to 18 litres of water). Ensure that the filters are completely immersed and soak overnight.

For best results allow the filter cartridges to dry naturally before re-installing in the hot tub.

Please note that this cleaning product comprises natural and non-harmful components, which sometimes have a tendency to clump together when stored.  This has the effect of causing the sachet to become wrinkled and indented with larger particles that have formed during storage.

If this happens then unseal the sachet and work your fingers up and down it to break up the larger clumps and before using in the dishwasher.

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