eco3spa Water Clarifier

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eco3spa Water Clarifier both removes and prevents any green or yellow discolouration of hot tub water, particularly that caused by algae growth.

Algae often grows in hot tub water and this can be a particular problem in hard water areas where phosphates are frequently added to the tap water to mitigate pipe scaling.

If you have previously used chlorine or bromine sanitation the colouration will simply have been bleached away.  eco3spa sanitising tablets do not have this bleaching effect and so, if you do have this problem, here is the solution.

Use eco3spa Water Clarifier either to cure or prevent any water discolouration, particularly green water caused by algae.

Apply 250ml (half the bottle) to up to 2000 litres of hot tub water with the pumps running.

Effective for up to 3 months.


Will not cause skin irritation.

Water treated with this product may be discarded onto the garden safely.

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