eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser Granules

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This is a tub of rapidly dissolving sanitiser granules.  The content is equivalent to the eco3spa Step 3 Sanitiser Tablets, but this product is in granular form. 

The product is supplied with a measuring spoon.  Two level spoons of granules is equivalent to 1 sanitiser tablet.

These sanitising granules will not irritate skin or eyes and will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment.

In addition to their bacteria killing properties, these tablets contain proprietary but eco-friendly additives to assist with clarifying the water.

Will not irritate skin or eyes.

Will not damage hot tub cover, pillows or equipment.

Produces Active Oxygen to gently destroy harmful bacteria and organic impurities.

Keeps hot tub water clean and safe.

Use these granules before each hot tub use.

  1. Add 4 level spoons of eco3spa Step 3 - Water Sanitiser Granules after cleaning and re-filling the hot tub, using the measuring spoon provided.
  2. Prior to each hot tub use add an additional 2 level spoonfulls to the water.
  3. It is preferable to add the granules directly to the filter compartment where the water will be circulating quickly. This will ensure that the product has dissolved before you use the hot tub. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the granules across the surface of the water, but you will then need to leave a few minutes for the product to dissolve before you get into the water.
  4. If you haven't been using your spa then, preferably, you need to ensure that you add at least 4 level spoons of granules each week to keep the water sanitised. However, if you occasionally go on holiday for a couple of weeks the water will manage perfectly well on its own without you. Just add 4 level spoons of the granules when you get back and start you usual regime again.
  5. If the water ever becomes dull or foamy add an extra spoonful of granules daily until the problem subsides

NB. These granules are intended as a replacement for the eco3spa Sanitiser Tablets and are for use in conjunction with eco3spa Step 2 - Water Conditioner and not in isolation.

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