eco3spa Active Oxygen Test Strips

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Although water testing isn't necessarily needed for eco3spa, for added peace of mind, you can test for the Active Oxygen sanitiser level in your hot tub prior to use.

This handy, flip-top container contains 25 Active Oxygen test strips.

Supplied in an aluminium container which guarantees 3 years test strip life if kept sealed.

if you want to test, do so after the eco3spa Sanitiser tablet(s)/granules are completely dissolved.

The ideal Active Oxygen level is shown on the graduated colour scale on the side of the test strip container.

Simply dip a strip into the spa water and compare with the colour chart shown as 'OK' on the container's label.

If no level is shown then add a sanitiser tablet/spoonful of granules and test again when the sanitiser is fully dissolved and circulated.

These strips test for Active Oxygen only. There is no need to test for pH or Alkalinity as eco3spa works independently of these factors.

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